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All four of the Service Essentials™ Programs are available in a special version using the DiSC® Personal Profile System.

Service Essentials for Everything with DISC brochures:

Using the DiSC® Personal Profile System, participants identify their own behavior style. This understanding of oneself enables each individual to identify the behavior styles of others. Throughout, the customer service training incorporates the skill building to adapt to the behavior styles of others depending on the situation. The four styles include Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. This learning will help individuals reduce conflict, misunderstanding among internal and external customers and create a more productive team environment in the workplace.

You may view and print sample reports and brochures below. Also, a special learning instrument named EPIC is available for you to manage your own reports on-line.

Sample DISC® Reports:

Sample DISC® Brochures:

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