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How do you make training stick?

Customized Customer Service Standards

Organizations that excel at delivering service understand the importance of Customer Service Standards. Moran Consulting will work with your organization to create customized standards for internal and external service excellence. Our proven process can include development of both organization-wide as well as department/role-specific customer service standards.

Why are customer service standards vital?

Well-developed service standards are key in helping organizations meet the following objectives:

 · Providing an infrastructure to support consistent service delivery.

 · Delivering a tool to help supervisors clarify and manage expectations.

 · Developing baseline measures to hold staff accountable.

 · Providing a guideline for recognizing and rewarding staff who meet or exceed service standards.

To get started with your Customer Service Standards Development, contact Moran Consulting at (800) 880-0116 or

How it works!

Organization-Wide Buy-In - This exciting and inclusive process captures feedback from all levels of your organization. Therefore, the new standards are created by the people versus imposed upon them.

A proven history of success - Moran Consulting utilizes its 16 years of experience with over 500 client organizations to ensure the most effective, customized, customer-focused standards.

Implementation Planning - The Moran Consulting team will work with you to develop an implementation plan to introduce the standards, train and link them to your long term performance-management system.

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