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Moran Consulting, Inc. is a creative Chicago-based firm including a division specializing in customer service training. Our training tools and services have helped hundreds of organizations to successfully reach their goals. Our customer service division, better known as Service Essentials™, was created to give organizations essential tools to deliver excellent service at a reasonable price.

Our Vision
Dramatically Improve Customer Service in the world!

Our Mission
We provide organizations with dynamic quality customer service training programs and services. Our resources enable them to deliver excellent service!

Our Culture
We are flexible, innovative, easy to work with, hands-on, fast paced, detail oriented, fun, and we love to give great service!

Our Leadership

Robert Moran, President
Robert has helped hundreds of organizations successfully navigate change and is a true leader in the area of customer service excellence. A visionary who works with every single level of an organization to achieve a true organizational culture of service, Robert launched the Service Essentials product line to lead companies to measured results with attitudinal and behavioral based training covering everything from the Fundamentals of Service for Front line staff to Senior Level Management Alignment. Robert considers each organization individually, offering creative solutions to achieve training and development goals and increasing customer and employee satisfaction. Robert believes in measured results, that the end goal of any project is a positive effect for the company, and Service Essentials is designed for just that!

Robert has served over 400 organizations - large and small with creative solutions in the area of customer service training and development, strategic planning, team development, and managing organizational change. As an expert in organization-wide culture changes, Robert works with leadership to define customer service visions, coaches leaders through initiating processes to support the vision, inspires mid level management and front line staff to establish service standards and basically impels an organization into positive action!

As President of Moran Consulting, Robert has built a remarkable reputation for service, quality and effective solutions! Before launching Moran Consulting, Inc. over 10 years ago, he excelled as a leader in the hospitality industry and evolved into an expert consultant and trainer in customer service and organizational culture solutions. Robert brings 25+ years of leadership experience and expertise to clients. His ability to provide streamlined solutions for complex organizational issues is renowned!

Robert's credentials include degrees in hospitality management, business administration, and organization and development. He served on the Board of Directors for Association of Quality and Participation, and has delivered keynote speeches to multiple national organizations on the subject of Customer Service Excellence. With an international vision of excellent customer service, Robert is defined by his unique ability to lead organizations to positive change!

Andrew Peck, Director of Operations
As a leader with Moran Consulting, Andrew truly lives our motto "we practice what we preach" when it comes to service. As an experienced customer service professional, Andrew has tremendous passion for giving exceptional service. Andrew oversees all operations at Moran Consulting, while also serving as the Senior Director of Business Development. He is an expert at formulating customer service training and development solutions. With over 10 years of professional work experience in customer service, journalism, public relations and marketing, he excels at managing projects and making things easy for the customer he is serving.

Kathleen Dolan, Director, Project Management
Kathleen brings an intricate ability to handle complex projects and a global Customer Service vision to Moran Consulting clients! Kathleen's expertise exists in increasing customer satisfaction, with 10 years of large scale Project Management experience. Having worked with hundreds of companies across the globe, she brings project management experience with a results-oriented view to our clients. Kathleen works with our clients on every aspect of a project; assessing initial needs, project planning, communication dynamics, strategic oversight, and continuous reinforcement programs in order to ensure success.

Our Consultants and Trainers
Our Consultants and Trainers represent the finest talent in the world. We bring a diverse set of backgrounds, cultures, talents, and expertise to every project. The diversity of our core consultant and trainer group gives us a unique ability to match the right combination of strengths and personalities to any topic or challenge. We have specialists in customer service training, team development, diversity training, leadership and management development, time management, stress management, change management, measurement, and health care.

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