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Five Essential Tips for Managing Customer Service!



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1. Generate a Spirit of Service!
  • Encourage laughter, humor, warm greetings, smiles, and compliments
  • Demonstrate belief in people through positive words of encouragement
  • Casually visit with staff seeking their input


2. Build Trust!
  • Demonstrate flexibility and interest in the personal situations of employees
  • Share information about the organization that makes people feel a part of things
  • Work with the people on the front line to better understand what they do


3. Develop People!
  • Provide timely feedback through effective coaching
  • Adapt communication based on the needs of the employee
  • Take a special interest in the individual growth of yourself and your people


4. Lead by Example!
  • Practice the behaviors expected of the front line
  • Give direction in a respectful manner
  • Listen and respond to feedback from staff with respect


5. Stay Focused on Customer Needs!
  • Recognize individuals for giving great customer service
  • Implement employee suggestions that will improve service
  • Challenge everyone’s actions to assure that they bring value to your customers


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