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Six Essential Tips for Great Customer Service!



Great Customer Service
Managing Customer Service
Telephone Service
Email Communication
1. Maintain An Attitude of Service Excellence!
  • Speak well of your organization
  • Respond quickly and cheerfully to all customers
  • Reprioritize work when customer needs arise


2. Identifying Customer Needs!
  • Ask customers probing questions
  • Recognize all customer needs and respond with respect
  • Identify customer needs expressed verbally and non-verbally


3. Use Customer-Friendly Body Language and Words!
  • Greet all customers with a smile
  • Use a cheerful and enthusiastic tone of voice
  • Practice open and friendly body language and eye contact


4. Practice Excellent Service at Every Customer Contact Point!
  • Be cheerful at every customer contact point
  • Keep all customer areas clean and neat
  • Address problems on the spot before customer become dissatisfied


5. Handle Difficult Customers with Care!
  • Allow angry customers to vent by listening carefully
  • Use problem-solving skills to resolve issues before they escalate
  • Donít take a customerís anger personally


6. Exceed Customer Expectations!
  • Anticipate needs and special requests
  • Act quickly to delight customers
  • Shock your customers with great service they do not expect


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