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Eight Essential Tips for Great Customer Service on the Telephone!


Great Customer Service
Managing Customer Service
Telephone Service
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1. Check your attitude!
2. Answer the phone by the 3rd ring!
3. Check your tone of voice for -
  • Warmth, clarity, enthusiasm, inflection, confidence, sincerity, volume, enunciation, pace
4. Manage the call!
  • Greet the caller with "good morning" or "good afternoon", give your name, offer to help, take notes, use the callerís name, solve the callerís problem, thank the caller.
5. Give the caller control!
  • Explain next steps, ask permission to put the caller on hold, wait for a response
  • Give the caller an estimated time they can expect to be on hold, offer to call back
6. Transfer with care!
  • Ask permission to transfer the caller, explain why the transfer is necessary
  • Make sure someone is available to receive the transfer
  • Tell the receiver of the transfer the callerís situation
7. Identify the problem!
  • Listen for facts, reflect with words of understanding, probe for information, determine potential solutions, provide options to the caller.
8. Bring the call to a polite close!
  • Thank the caller

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