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A Service Essentials™ Webinar is a 60-90 minute session led by one of our professional instructors. Participants can experience the training from any location with internet and telephone access. The Service Essentials Webinar training system is perfect for one or more participants to learn the critical skills of customer service excellence.

The format is similar to a virtual classroom. Topics can be selected in complete programs or separately. Skills are learned via presentation, group discussion, question and answers, brainstorming, case studies, quizzes, and self-rating tools. An individual action plan is developed by each participant and a Participant's Guide is provided for each module.

Webinars Modules:

  1. Attitude of Service Excellence
    Excellent service starts with the attitude of the individual service provider. This module helps learners see the connection between how they feel when receiving good and bad customer service and those feelings of the customers they serve.
  2. Identifying Customer Needs and Internal Customer Service
    Identifying the needs of customers is a skill that requires listening and probing. This module provides skill building in understanding how to identify customer needs for both the internal and external customer.
  3. Thoughtful Body Language and Words
    Most of the face to face communication with customers is through body language. This module provides practice in all areas of body language, words, and how to say no when the answer is not yes.
  4. Service Excellence at Every Contact Point
    Each contact point with a customer is an opportunity to delight or disappoint. This module guides learners through a comprehensive analysis of their role and the service contact points for which they are responsible.
  5. Conflict Resolution - Handling Difficult and Angry Customers
    Customers get angry and your staff needs the skills to handle them. This module provides learners with a simple process to professionally handle difficult situations without taking the customer's anger personally as well as Service Recovery techniques.
  6. Exceeding Expectations
    It is the little things that make a big difference. This module focuses on the opportunities to exceed expectations in such a way that customers speak highly of your business to others.
  7. Seven Essential Practices for Email Communication
    This comprehensive module builds skills and awareness for: Using Email with Care, Responding Promptly to Email, Being Aware of Your Email Audience, Showing Respect and Courtesy in Email Communication, Formatting with Brevity, Communicating Effectively with Email through Clarity, and Proofreading Every Email.
  8. Managing Email Effectively
    This module leads participants through strategies and techniques for managing email that will enhance image, effectiveness, and relationships.
  9. Managing the Telephone Call Process
    Excellent service on the telephone starts with the attitude of the individual service provider. This module helps lead learners through the 7-step call process as well as experience and practice tone of voice skills and how to customize them to the needs of the caller.
  10. Three Essential Practices on the Telephone
    We typically lose customers for mishandling these three essential practices: Asking the Caller to Hold, Transferring callers and Taking a Message.

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