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Moran Consulting provides the comprehensive consulting services necessary to analyze and build your organization's ideal culture. Our tools, resources, and consultants are trained to measure the current state of your culture and help you build a plan to get where you want to go. The following process is designed for the most effective and comprehensive results.

  • Determine Desired Performance: Gain clarity as to the desired performance levels that represent a growth oriented and sustainable way of doing business.
  • Identify Gaps in the Desired Performance versus the Current Performance: Capture service improvement opportunities and identify gaps in the current culture versus the desired state.
  • Align Senior Managers to Embrace the Desired Performance: Senior management will determine the measures that are most critical in assuring that the organization is moving in the desired direction.
  • Service Essentials for Managers: Customer Service training for managers to focus on building the infrastructure and leadership skills for the new customer service culture.
  • Service Essentials for Staff: Customized Customer Service training for all staff.
  • Continue the Improvement Process: Identify new processes for work areas that will enhance customer service.
  • Design Accountability: Long lasting results will stem from day to day accountability in achieving established customer service standards.
  • Follow-Up: Ensure lasting results with a detailed follow-up plan to maintain and reinforce the new culture.
  • Post-Measure of Results: Conduct a post measure of success.

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