Organization-wide Culture Change Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standards

Performance standards for your organization should be based on your desired outcomes. Moran will work with your organization to break down silos of communication, develop customer-focused standards and build performance plans for your employees to excel.

We look at the big picture.
We establish universal, organization-wide standards of excellence and service that everyone lives by, no matter their role or department. This creates consistency and a standard level of service across your organization.

We seek input.
We develop and personalize standards for your organization by listening to input from everyone—from your frontline employees to your middle and senior managers.

We personalize your solutions.
We have customized solutions to train your managers to maintain performance standards—department by department, function by function.

We aim for consistency.
We break down the contact points for each customer experience. From there we develop standards of service for each role in your company, creating consistency throughout your organization.

We dismantle silos.
Our solutions clarify expectations and create a systematic approach to collaboration and communication, bringing down silos between departments.

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