Organization-wide Culture Change Customer Service Standards

Six Essential Tips for Great Customer Service!

1. Get your staff on board with service.
Maintain an Attitude of Service Excellence!
·Speak well of your organization
·Respond quickly and cheerfully to all customers
·Reprioritize work when customer needs arise

2. Hit the nail on the head in meeting your customers' needs.
Identifying Customer Needs!
·Ask customers probing questions
·Recognize all customer needs and respond with respect
·Identify customer needs expressed verbally and non-verbally

3. Energize your staff to perform award-winning service.
Use Customer-Friendly Body Language and Words!
·Greet all customers with a smile
·Use a cheerful and enthusiastic tone of voice
·Practice open and friendly body language and eye contact

4. Every single interaction is an opportunity.
Practice Excellent Service at Every Customer Contact Point!
·Be cheerful at every customer contact point
·Keep all customer areas clean and neat
·Address problems on the spot before customer become dissatisfied

5. Turn around unhappy customers and increase revenue.
Handle Difficult Customers with Care!
·Allow angry customers to vent by listening carefully
·Use problem-solving skills to resolve issues before they escalate
·Don’t take a customer’s anger personally

6. Let your customers grow your business for you.
Exceed Customer Expectations!
·Anticipate needs and special requests
·Act quickly to delight customers
·Shock your customers with great service they do not expect

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