Organization-wide Culture Change Customer Service Standards

Five Essential Tips for Managing Customer Service!

1. Generate a Spirit of Service!
·Encourage laughter, humor, warm greetings, smiles, and compliments
·Demonstrate belief in people through positive words of
·Casually visit with staff seeking their input

2. Build Trust!
·Demonstrate flexibility and interest in the personal situations of employees
·Share information about the organization that makes people feel a part of things
·Work with the people on the front line to better understand what they do

3. Develop People!
·Provide timely feedback through effective coaching
·Adapt communication based on the needs of the employee
·Take a special interest in the individual growth of yourself and your people

4. Lead by Example!
·Practice the behaviors expected of the front line
·Give direction in a respectful manner
·Listen and respond to feedback from staff with respect

5. Lead by Example!
·Recognize individuals for giving great customer service
·Implement employee suggestions that will improve service
·Challenge everyone’s actions to assure that they bring value to your customers

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